Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Siddiqui is a philanthropist by heart who shows deep concern for the welfare of the society. He has a special inclination and empathy toward cancer patients due to the demise of his wife because of cancer. He has dedicated his time, money, experience and specially his connections of over 40 years for the betterment of Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre.
He is also a renowned businessman in the Steel industry of Pakistan who has developed connections globally. He has utilized his goodwill in several instances to generate funds for the trust when they were badly needed during Covid’19 from all around the globe. His business acumen, experience and farsightedness have not only benefitted the trust financially but also on the ground level for example procuring raw materials cheap and eliminating thinking barriers to finish long pending tasks.
Mr. Nadeem dedicates half of his time weekly for Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre where his key responsibility is to generate funding for the trust. Apart from hospital, he is dedicated to educating needy children. His institute has financed the primary education of over 2000 students till now.