Anti-decubitus Mattress For Patient
MB01/02 is an anti-decubitus support system for medium risk patient
Basic treatment therapeutic mattress supports is a good for pressure ulcer therapy. Which includes an adjustable pump that allows for individual caregiver comfort settings. Heavy-duty, bubble-style pad is heat sealed by uniform tooling make pad more durable.

Key features:
Aluminum motor cover bring 18 months warranty
Air output 7-8L/min very supportive
Silent pump low noise below 20db
With knob easy adjust pressure
Fixed holk easy fix on bed frame
Bubbles on A-B lines alternating inflating provides superior therapeutic treatment
Material: Medical class Taiwanese PVC 0.3mm high elastic
Vents and end flaps avalible
Repair kit and hose included
12 months warrnaty
Pump Pad
Item: MP05 Item: MB01& MB02
Power supply: 110V/220V/50-60Hz Size: MB01- 200cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 7.0cm(H)
MB02 182cm(L) x 76cm(W) x 7.0cm(H)
Air output: 7-8 liter/min. MB01-130 bubble cells
MB02 -96 bubble cells
Pressure range: 70 mmHg – 130 mmHg end flaps avalible
Cycle time: 12 min. Material:Medical class TaiwanesePVC
Power consumption: 7W PVC thickness: 0.3mm
Fuse: 0.5A Repair kit and hose included
Size: 29cm(L) x 10.5cm(W) x 9.5cm(H) Mattress weight : 2..2-2.5kg
Weight: 1.4 kg Weight Capacity: 130-135kg
price rs 7500