A attendant bed designed for patients are intended with great comfort facilities to bestow boundless resting facility to the patient. For instance, if a person or rather, a relative wishes to stay with the patient to take care of him or her then a facility to provide rest to the attendant is also equally important. Thanks to Attendant Bed furniture that is thoughtfully designed for attendants to sit, sleep or even take a nap. Correspondingly, the furniture is useful for visitors to be seated while speaking or looking the patient. The bed is simple yet expedient in nature for it has mattress fabricated on it and is four footed like other beds at home or hospitals.
Ramedico, hereby, understands the emotion of a person whose loved one is struggling in hospital, unfortunately. Tall quality mattress fitted Attendant Bed is manufactured thru supervision of expert and experienced team.
Advantages of RAMEDICO Attendant Bed:-
. Body imbibed in stainless steel
. Mounted on four broad legs for proper stability
. Affixed with soft and comfortable mattress
. Length and height suitable for all
. Easily accumulated even in feeble wards
Punjab Surgical production and supply of fool-proof hospital furniture and equipment and so, the Attendant Bed. Extended edges are carefully crafted to adjust the mattress properly in stationary condition. An attendant can rest peacefully and enjoy the essence of newly-born baby, or stay night and day with loved one to give moral support whilst besieged thru sensitive status quo.
price rs 35000