Shahid Malik

Shahid Malik is an entrepreneur who has reached heights in business in a very short period of time. He was born in  Lahore 1968 and he did his graduation in 1987. He started his career from his family business and soon started his own business with the name of “World Bright Tours and Travel Private Limited” in 1999 with operation limited to Lahore. Today the company has a fleet of cars and extends its operations to Islamabad. In 2010 he started a new company by the name of “Wings Aviation” which has small aircrafts for rental purposes. Shahid Malik is a pilot himself. In 2011 he started yet another business with the name of “Mediator Consultant”, which in a short time has become a major consultant organization.

Shahid Malik a successful businessman and is also a great humanitarian   person. He has worked for many charity organization and now after getting motivated by the project of Cancer Care Hospital and Research center has joined it.