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Mammography Machine at Hijaz Hospital


Mobile Mammography Machine, Two Such Machine are Operational in Lahore.


Cancer Care Hospital has started free Mammography Services for early detection of Breast Cancer in Pakistan. Three state of the art Digital Machines have been imported from Italy, each at a cost of Rs. 150, 00,000/=. One machine has been installed at Hijaz Hospital, Lahore and other two are now mounted on Mobile Caravans and are ready to serve the under privileged communities at their door steps. It is important to note that about 85000 women develop breast cancer every year in Pakistan. Majority of these patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage where cure is not possible. Half the women die of their disease in the first year after diagnoses. Majority of these women are obviously in Punjab as the population of Punjab now exceeds 109 Million. These women suffer from mutilation, pain and disfigurement before death.

Whereas, in developed countries breast cancer is almost always diagnosed in stage -I during the routine mass mammography screening. These patients of early breast cancer are cured.  Unfortunately, nobody planned breast cancer screening with Mass Mammography in Pakistan.

Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre has taken the initiative of providing free Mass Mammography Services to the community at their door steps. An estimated number of one thousand mammographies are likely to be performed every month by a single machine. It is expected that 10 breast cancers will be detected in every thousand women. These cancers will be in very early stage and these women will be cured of their disease.

A control room is set up in Al Razi Medical Centre where under the expert supervision of Dr. Muhammad Fiaz, six consultants Radiologist, are available for reporting around the clock. Thus, an era of free Mass Mammography Screening for early detection of breast cancer has silently begun in Pakistan.

Our fixed machine at Hijaz Hospital has already performed a record number of 1000Mammographies in 50 days and successfully detected six breast cancers and Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre is providing them free of cost treatment. All this involves a cost which sponsors of Cancer Care Hospital like Seasons Canola and Bank Alfalah are bearing. Around Rs. 5, 00,000 is the minimum cost of keeping one mobile machine on the road. Cost of treatment of cancer patients is afforded by the Philanthropist and tantamount to Rs. 0.89 million per patient. The program is planned to expand to 10 plus mobile mammography machine in the near future.

Don’t ignore your breast health, don’t delay & don’t forgot if you are above 40 or any of your loved one is alone.
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